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Unite With The Infinite

Working in a London Coffee store is different from any other job. You are creating moments of connection with our customers every day, all around the world. You will handcraft delicious beverages and build relationships with our customers and with your fellow partners. We offer great benefits and an environment that is truly welcoming.

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Baristas are the face of London Coffee. They are an important part of our customers’ days, and experts in handcrafting delicious, perfect beverages. Baristas personally connect and create moments that make a difference. They are the heroes who bring our values and mission to life everyday - not wearing a cape but the green apron.

Job Description:

Job Description for Barista in a Coffee Shop:


Position: Barista


Overview: In London Coffee's vibrant scene, being a barista offers an exciting opportunity to be part of the city's thriving coffee culture. With its diverse and discerning clientele, London demands skilled baristas who can craft exceptional coffee experiences. Working in a London coffee shop allows baristas to showcase their passion for coffee, refine their skills, and engage with a dynamic community of coffee enthusiasts.



  1. Coffee Preparation:

    • Expertly prepare a variety of coffee beverages, including espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites.

    • Grind coffee beans to the appropriate consistency and measure precise quantities for each order.

    • Operate and maintain espresso machines, ensuring consistent water pressure and temperature.

    • Employ various brewing techniques, such as pour-over or AeroPress, to cater to diverse customer preferences.

  2. Customer Service:

    • Deliver exceptional customer service, greeting and engaging with customers in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.

    • Take customer orders accurately, paying attention to special requests and dietary considerations.

    • Provide coffee recommendations based on customer preferences and describe flavor profiles.

    • Handle customer inquiries, resolving issues promptly and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  3. Beverage Presentation and Quality Control:

    • Ensure beverages are presented with precision and attention to detail, showcasing latte art and decorative techniques.

    • Maintain consistency in taste, temperature, and visual appeal of coffee beverages.

    • Uphold cleanliness and organization in the coffee preparation area, equipment, and utensils.

    • Monitor product quality, regularly restocking coffee beans, milk, and other supplies to maintain freshness.

  4. Collaboration and Communication:

    • Work collaboratively with other baristas, kitchen staff, and team members to ensure smooth operations.

    • Communicate effectively with colleagues, fostering a positive and cohesive work environment.

    • Contribute to training sessions and share knowledge about coffee brewing techniques and customer service best practices.

    • Support team members during busy periods, assisting with customer orders and other tasks as needed.

  5. Coffee Knowledge and Growth:

    • Stay updated on London's coffee trends, new brewing methods, and emerging coffee roasters.

    • Attend industry events, workshops, and tastings to expand knowledge and refine skills.

    • Seek feedback from supervisors and actively participate in performance evaluations.

    • Continuously strive to improve coffee-making techniques and enhance customer service skills.


  • Previous experience as a barista, preferably in a specialty coffee environment, is desirable.

  • Extensive knowledge and passion for coffee, including different origins, flavor profiles, and brewing methods.

  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to engage and connect with diverse customers.

  • Attention to detail and precision in coffee preparation, including measurement and extraction techniques.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, multitask, and handle high volumes of customer orders.

  • Flexibility in working hours, including early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

  • Familiarity with specialty coffee equipment, including espresso machines and grinders.

  • Adherence to health and safety regulations and food handling guidelines.

As a barista in London coffee scene, you have the opportunity to be part of a passionate community, continuously refine your craft, and contribute to the city's vibrant coffee culture. By delivering exceptional coffee experiences, you play a pivotal role in delighting customers and ensuring the success of the coffee shop.

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